Good Night, James Franco

It’s 3 a.m. again, James,
And you’re still awake
Turning pages in old books
Letting beautiful words pass by your eyes

But you’re not actually reading them,
You’re not actually feeling them.
They’re just marks on a page for you
Right now.  You’re up all night again.

It seems safer to be awake at night because
You think we can’t see you clearly,
But we still can, James,
Or at least as much of you as there ever was.

You’re anxious, afraid to sleep.
You want to ‘play all the roles’
Collect all the characters
Line them up neatly in a row

Pick and choose the one you want
Maybe this one will actually fit.
Sorry, but you can’t be everyone, James.
There are too fucking many of us.

You’ll drive yourself crazy this way,
Trying on lives like hats.
Worst of all you’ll forget
To play the most important role of all.

Put the books down.
Turn off the TV.
Sleep isn’t as scary as it seems
And I promise Lindsay can’t stalk you in your dreams.

Good night, James Franco.
Good night.

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