Let’s make some edits.
Not to a film,
I don’t have the patience

For that.
To my life.
There’s a few things

I’d like to correct.
Moments where the plot
Veered off course

Or the characters were
A little false.
I mean this Franco

I’ve created, what is he
He’s a mess.

Starts off on a small TV show.
Well loved,
Short lived.

And from there it’s
Only up,
Or so you’d think.

But suddenly it’s ten years
Later, and he doesn’t know
Who he is anymore.

Tries to write poetry
Tries to write prose
Too stuck in the past to do either well.

And now’s he’s almost forty.
It should be the top of his
Character arc,

But instead he’s mucking around.
Lost in the past,
Lost in the person he used to be

When he was still a real person.

Let’s fix that.
Cut this part.
Move that part a little earlier.

Fix a life
Like you fix a film.
All we need are edits.

Please, God, let that be all we need.

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