Zombie Sonnet 6

I put off watching The Walking Dead
For as long as I could. I knew I’d get
Sucked in, and I couldn’t afford another obsession.
I don’t have enough time for all my dreams as it is.
But how do I NOT watch Daryl Dixon?
He has a crossbow, for fuck’s sake. I was doomed from the start.
I was cool with Rick, too, until he grew that beard.
And shows no signs of shaving it off for good.
I wish Dale had lived longer. He reminded me of
The old guy from Jurassic Park, and I think
Zombies and dinosaurs are a combo that’s just waiting to happen.
It’s weird, because even though the comics came first, I think
Of them as having spoilers for the TV series.
Without Daryl, why read them?

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