Poem for the Blackhawks

Once, when I was in
New York – not
When I was filming Spider-Man
But another time

I went ice skating at
Rockefeller Center. I
Went slow at first, got
Used to the slipperiness

Of the ice. But then
I was off. Speed
Skating around the rink.
Then a double Axel.

Then a triple Axel.
I was on ice fire.
I grabbed a hot chick
Who was a little bitchy about

The whole thing tbh
And we pulled off a routine
That Olympic skaters can
Only dream of.

Flakes of ice melted
Off my skates
My breath fogged the air
Applause deafened my ears.

Every time I go back to
Rockefeller I get
In for free.
I’m a fucking legend.

What’s that?
Oh, right.
Congrats to the Blackhawks
On winning the 2015 Stanley Cup.

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