Zombie Sonnet 3

Resident Evil was one of the first PS1 games I bought.
When I started the game for the first time I was expecting
Those blocky 3D graphics that looked so good at the time,
But instead I saw a film in black and white, with real actors.
I was confused. I had to check and make sure I was actually playing
A video game. But then I got past the intro and found myself perfectly
At home. Except I was armed only with a knife and the PS1 controller
Was alien plastic in my hands. I could barely move Chris across the screen
Let alone aim a knife. I slashed in vain at the air. The first
Zombie I ran into killed me with ease.
One single, damn zombie and I was dead.
I started over as Jill, and did a lot better. She had a gun, and
I could figure out how to aim that. It’s weird to look back
Now and think how scary I found that game.

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