Zombie Sonnet 2

You woke up alone, abandoned in a hospital bed, and I wondered,
How did he survive? Stuck in a bed, no food, no water for 28 days…
But you did. Maybe they hooked you up to an IV or something.
The zombies in this one are practically human. Fast and smart.
It took me a long time to realize that’s because they aren’t
What you have to fear. They’re dangerous, sure. But not
Nearly as cruel or frightening as Major West and his gang.
Armageddon brings out the worst in us. When cities crumble, so does
Our humanity and we’ll find any excuse to justify our behavior.
West said it was all for his men. He’d promised them.
There are two endings, but I like the one where you die the best.
It seems fitting, somehow. Nobody should get to survive
The end of the world without paying a large price.
Not even an innocent like you.

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