I’m Just Going to Adapt Everything John Steinbeck Wrote into a Film Because Fuck It

Sometimes I think about
How people will remember me
And how it will probably be for Spider-Man,
And that’s a shitty way to go.

I decided to adapt everything John Steinbeck wrote
Into a film.  Then they’ll remember me
As smart and well-read,
Not crazy and shirtless.

Skip East of Eden.
Too mainstream.
Start with its lesser known cousin,
In Dubious Battle.

Then we move on to
The Winter of Our Discontent.
Keep with the Shakespeare references.
Wait, shit,

I think the first was a Milton reference.
Fuck it.
Skip to his first novel, Cup of Gold.
Nobody’s ever heard of it, so serious lit cred.
Also, pirates.

Fuck, I’m awesome.

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