Let’s make some edits.
Not to a film,
I don’t have the patience

For that.
To my life.
There’s a few things

I’d like to correct.
Moments where the plot
Veered off course

Or the characters were
A little false.
I mean this Franco

I’ve created, what is he
He’s a mess.

Starts off on a small TV show.
Well loved,
Short lived.

And from there it’s
Only up,
Or so you’d think.

But suddenly it’s ten years
Later, and he doesn’t know
Who he is anymore.

Tries to write poetry
Tries to write prose
Too stuck in the past to do either well.

And now’s he’s almost forty.
It should be the top of his
Character arc,

But instead he’s mucking around.
Lost in the past,
Lost in the person he used to be

When he was still a real person.

Let’s fix that.
Cut this part.
Move that part a little earlier.

Fix a life
Like you fix a film.
All we need are edits.

Please, God, let that be all we need.

James Franco, Rock Goddess Pt 2

Didn’t I tell you I was a rock Goddess
That was a question just to
Clarify I’m not using punctuation anymore
I’m beyond that shit

That’s right Goddess Franco
Has a fucking record deal
Coming in 2016
Going to rock your ears

With music inspired by The Smiths
That band you loved in high school
I still love it
I’m still in high school

And it is a fucking great place to be.

Oh, shit Was
That a period up there
I punctuate when I want
Write when I want
Sing when I want
Off key if I want
Shit out poetry in the morning
And short stories in the afternoon

Maybe eat a novel for brunch


James Franco, Rock Goddess

Yesterday I was
James Franco, Poet Extraordinaire
James Franco, Oscar Nominated Actor
James Franco, Kickass Writer.

Today I am
James Franco, Rock Goddess.

Yeah, I played live for hundreds
And hundreds
And they all cheered.

I shredded on that guitar and I
Don’t give a fuck if it wasn’t real.
When you think Guitar Hero, you think
James Franco.

Lenny Kravitz was watching and
I know he wanted to suck my dick
But sorry, Lenny.
I’m only gay up until the point of penetration.

No Franco dick for you.
Just some sweet, hot licks.

Hello Lady Franco

I am Lady Franco.
And I don’t want to be a man.
And if you do, that’s okay.
But I’m happy to be me.

I love how my brain can take two completely
Different ideas and just start to tell a story
About them.

I love how I hear a language and begin trying to parse it.
I can find the verbs and the nouns and feel out the rhythm
Even if I don’t understand what’s being said.

If pressed, I would say that I love the green
Color of my eyes.
And the red color of my hair.

But I don’t think about my vagina
In some over-fetishized way.
And women have the same asshole as men,
James, you moron.

We are more than our bodies
So be a man, be a woman,
Just fucking be you.

A Haiku

This is a haiku.
It doesn’t have 17 syllables
Or proper line breaks.
No kiru or kigo.
But it’s a haiku
Because I say it is.

I Wrote a Poem About a Poem

Yesterday, I wrote a poem.
But it wasn’t good enough
The words were square when
They should have been

The rhymes were flat,
and jagged. They didn’t roll
Off the tongue and into the
Mind. For the first time I

Maybe I wasn’t any good.

But I’m James Franco.
I don’t fail.
So I turned it around.
I wrote a poem about that

And it kicks so much ass.
I bet you were worried there
For a moment.
Well don’t be.
With a dick this big,

I can’t lose.

Zombie Sonnet 6

I put off watching The Walking Dead
For as long as I could. I knew I’d get
Sucked in, and I couldn’t afford another obsession.
I don’t have enough time for all my dreams as it is.
But how do I NOT watch Daryl Dixon?
He has a crossbow, for fuck’s sake. I was doomed from the start.
I was cool with Rick, too, until he grew that beard.
And shows no signs of shaving it off for good.
I wish Dale had lived longer. He reminded me of
The old guy from Jurassic Park, and I think
Zombies and dinosaurs are a combo that’s just waiting to happen.
It’s weird, because even though the comics came first, I think
Of them as having spoilers for the TV series.
Without Daryl, why read them?

How to Read a Poem

First, get an audience.
That’s the most important
Thing. Someone to fucking
Read to.

Then pick a poem.
Any poem.
And read it.

Look down at your book
The whole time.
Fuck the audience.
You don’t owe them anything.

Make sure to take a

Pause at the end of each
That’s how real poets

Do it like Shatner.

When you’re done,
Just leave.
No questions.
No autographs.

And they’ll all applaud
Because they got to see James
Fucking Franco
Read a poem.

Zombie Sonnet 5

I came home for Christmas break and
You said you had a new game I had to play.
You said I’d love it, and of course you were right.
A co-op zombie shooter? Duh.
Soon we were playing through all
The campaigns together and Mom was
Getting tired of hearing “Boomer! Smoker!”
Being shouted in the living room when
She was trying to enjoy wrapping presents.
But now you’re gone.
I have the sequel on my laptop but
It’s not the same with a keyboard instead of a controller.
And it’s too weird to play through the game